Join in our zoom meditations online

Updated: Jan 27, 2020

Zoom live stream meditation and transmission.

Do you know about Zoom?

It is a way to come together face-to-face in real time – online.

Zoom meetings – unlike Facebook LIVE streams and Youtube LIVE – are fully interactive. All participants have a face and a voice and can speak, relay information and ask questions.

The Zoom meetings we hold twice weekly is for our members to come together face to face and sit and meditate together and receive a special energy transmission.

So what happens during one of the Zoom meditations and transmissions?

The mediations are offered twice weekly on a Tuesday and a Friday, the room will open 30 minutes before we start at 21:00 UK Time. We start the meditation at 21:30, there will be no talking during this period. The meditation will last 50 minutes, the first 25 minutes will be accompanied by music to help in the activation and flow of the energy transmission. The remaining 25 minutes will be in silence.

About the transmission:

The transmission is a Universal Life Force, it will do what is in the highest good and service of all that take part in these meditations for the purpose of awakening.

Preparation in receiving a transmission: