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Updated: Feb 18, 2020

So you have stumbled across my website and you've found some of the information interesting, you see new words like Pellowah and energy transmissions, but what does it all mean? You like the idea of having a quiet and mind finding inner peace. So what are the first steps to take in order to start a meditation practice.

I can only speak from my own experience and share insights that helped me along the way to finding inner calm. So you want to learn how to meditate, well you cannot actually learn to meditate, meditation is the result of removing the various blocks that are hindering natural meditation from being present. You are meditation, it is your natural state beyond thoughts and emotions, its is a place of being that cannot be described with words.

So how do I find this place I can hear you say to your self. Well I am going to give you some simple steps to get you started on your way.

So for the sake of of the average person who needs to have a system or a practice in place I will lay down a routine to get you meditating like a buddhist monk in no time. So you will want to make time to sit quietly each day, I recommend 20 minutes twice per day to get started. Find a a quiet place away from all distractions, put your phone on airplane mode and set your timer to go off after 20 minutes.

Sit in a comfortable position, you do not need to sit in a the full lotus or have you spine in a fully erect position, just sit in a position that you find comfortable, I do not not recommend laying down as we generally tend to fall asleep.

So now you have gotten into a comfortable position how does one attain a meditative state? Well you may start to notice some uncomfortable feelings arise, the mind might become over active with no stimulation to keep it entertained. You are sat there now getting frustrated making it even harder to slip into that state of no mind.

Ok so lets make some suggestions to help you out on your journey, here are some tips you can try out.

Mantra Meditation:

So a mantra is basically a syllable or group of Syllables, word or a phrase that one repeats during meditation. It can be chanted, whispered or spoken in the mind silently. Some popular mantras are Om mani padme hum, Om Namah Shivaya, Hare Krishna, Aham-Prema, Lumen de Lumine, Sat Chit Ananda, Om Tat Sat.

Once you choose a mantra that sounds and feels right for you, you can start by saying it in your mind over and over, the purpose of the mantra is to give the mind something to put its attention on so to stop it wondering into all sorts of trains of thought. So while you are busy concentrating on your new mantra your no longer thinking about x,y or z. The best way to use your mantra is to feel into the sounds as you repeat it, get lost in the sounds as they echo around in your head, pay attention to how you feel as the after the mantra is repeated over and over. Every time you notice that a thought has come in you put your attention back on the mantra. What will eventually happen is you will become lost in the mantra, all of a sudden you will no longer hear your mantra and your mind will have become silent, you are now existing as pure being awareness. The goal of mantra meditation is not to keep repeating the mantra over and over but to use the mantra to get you to this place of pure being, once you are there you drop the mantra and merge with the stillness. You have now been introduced to your true self devoid of thoughts and emotions. You exist beyond mind and body as pure being. The goal now is to return to place of point consciousness over and over.

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