What Are Energy Transmissions

An individual who has attained self realisation and is living fully in presence is able to transmit presence to other individuals. The higher the the level of enlightenment or attainment the more powerful the transmission will be felt by those receiving it. In order for one to be an effective channel for transmission it is a must that they have a clear level of presence at the time of the transmission and not be overtaken by emotions and excessive egoic thinking.

In order for one to receive a transmission there must be a conscious intention by the recipient in order for the transmission to have maximum effect. The person giving the transmission works as a conduit for the Universal Life Force and they also need make an intent to start the flow of energy. Once the transmission has started one can then relax into presence and enjoy the transmission to its fullest.

The Universal Life Force used in these transmission does not belong to anyone or any religious group and can be called upon by anyone who is sincere and living in presence. No one person can determine who is qualified to transmit this Universal Life Force, the energy will only flow through those who are aligned with truth love and peace and is determined by the life force its self.

It is not necessary for the channel to know what is happening during the transmission, the Universal Life Force will work to fulfil the highest good for all present in receiving the transmission. Its main purpose is to help awaken and raise the level of consciousness in the individual. The Universal Life Force transmissions are safe and can be given as often as needed. Not everyone who receives these transmissions will awaken and some will not feel anything at all, for these people it might just not be their time to awaken.

When giving a transmission the channel needs to invoke the energy by inviting it in and the person receiving it needs to move into a receptive state. Intention is the main key in the transmission and when both parties have set their intentions the transmission will naturally take place. The channel is not the giver of the transmission but rather it is given or flows through the channel.

The most important thing to do before receiving a transmission is to set your intent and to have a deep desire to receive what is in your highest good in order for you to awaken and raise your level of consciousness. An affirmation can be spoken silently before the transmission....

"I am open and receptive to receive what is needed to help me awaken to my fullest, I align with all that is good and is of love". Then move into a comfortable position close your eyes and open into a receptive state while putting attention on your bodies experience of the transmission ie. sensations and energy moving. Try not to think about the process and set aside any thoughts about the transmission during the time it takes. The key is to be in presence during the transmission.

Once the transmission is over sit quietly for a short period of time, it is best not to watch tv or use internet directly after the transmission.

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