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Five Day Mother Force
& Shaktipath Intensive

"Embrace a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the profound energies of the Divine Mother and experience the boundless joy and bliss of her Shakti. Join us for a transformative five-day residential retreat at the tranquil Mercy Center Burlingame San Francisco, USA, with Gareth as your dedicated guide throughout the entire journey. This all-inclusive event promises a deep connection to the divine and a truly enriching experience."

 Five day Retreat at the Mercy Center Burlingame, San Francisco

NOVEMBER 10TH - 15TH 2024

Mercy Center Burlingame, 2300 Adeline Dr, Burlingame, CA 94010, USA

About the retreat

During a Shaktipat initiation, a profound and sacred spiritual transmission takes place. It is a deeply transformative experience rooted in various Eastern spiritual traditions, most notably in Hinduism and Kundalini Yoga. The term "Shaktipat" can be translated as the descent of divine energy or power. In this initiation, a qualified spiritual teacher, often known as a guru, transmits their spiritual energy or "Shakti" to the seeker through a variety of means, such as touch, gaze, mantra, or intention. This transmission aims to awaken and activate the dormant spiritual energy within the seeker, often referred to as Kundalini, which is believed to reside at the base of the spine. The process can lead to profound spiritual experiences, heightened states of consciousness, and a deepening of one's spiritual journey. It is considered a sacred and transformative event, marking the beginning of a profound inner journey towards self-realization and spiritual awakening.

Check out this video from a previous retreat with Gareth.

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About the centre.

Mercy Center Burlingame

Mercy Center is a ministry of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas, an order of Catholic women religious. Mercy Center was established in 1981 in Burlingame, California, as a retreat center and a conference center for religious and other nonprofit organizations.

Mercy Center provides opportunities for people to become more attentive to the presence of the Divine in their lives and in the world, and then respond with care for the Earth and service to others, especially people who are poor and vulnerable.


Mercy Center is an internationally known conference and retreat center in the San Francisco Bay Area, set on thirty-nine acres of natural sanctuary replete with flower gardens, contemplative walking paths, expansive lawns, five-hundred-year-old oaks and a meditation labyrinth. In this peaceful, holistic, serene and beautiful setting, we nurture our personal, professional and spiritual lives. Learn more about Mercy Center here. Please do not contact the retreat center directly, kindly contact Gem at with any questions you may have.

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The accommodation that is available at the center are comfortable single rooms with shared bathrooms and showers. 



The Mercy center's commitment to holistic well-being extends to its menu, where guests savour nourishing Vegetarian meals are prepared three times daily and served in the main dining room. 

Book Your Place Now


Single (shared bathroom) – $1995  This price includes  5 full days of the retreat, 6 nights accommodation, five days of food x 3 meals per day and an extra dinner on the Sunday evening  Nov 10th. The option to attend the event without the food and accommodation is also available.

What's not included:
Your flights to and from the retreat, Visa, Travel Insurance
Transportation to and from the retreat centre.


Cancellation Policy


If you cancel 6 weeks or more in advance of the retreat, you'll receive a full refund minus the booking deposit. If you need to cancel between 2-4 weeks in advance, you'll receive a 50% refund minus the booking deposit.. After that, no refunds are possible.

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