Mala Blessing - Shaktipat in Absentia

Rudraksha Mala remotely charged with Shaktipat

  • 30 minutes
  • 30 euros
  • Send a photo of your Mala to Gareth at

Service Description

Receive Shaktipat in absentia. If you already have a Rudraksha Mala you can send a picture of it to Gareth who can remotely charge it with Shaktipat. The mala can then be worn by you when you meditate and the Shakti will be absorbed into your system. Gareth will also send you a FREE audio file for you to meditate with every day. The 15 minute audio is also embedded with Shaktipat and it is the sound of a fire, while meditating with it imagine the flames flickering along your spine rising up further and further as the meditation progresses. Do this practice at least twice every day. Rudraksha has the ability to hold Shakti for some weeks and even months. Please book a time you would like Gareth to bless your mala, place the mala on a dresser or table in a safe location, do not touch or move the mala for 24 hours. The following day you may wear the mala when you meditate taking it off after you finish. After two weeks you can begin to wear the mala during the day. Do not let anyone else handle your mala once it has been blessed. Gareth will only charge Rudraksha malas, please do not send pictures of other malas as they are not as effective at taking the charge. Gareth will supercharge the Mala for 30 minutes. Send a photo of your Mala(s) to Gareth at

Cancellation Policy

I know your time is valuable, out of respect for myself and my other clients, I ask that you give at least 24 Hours notice if you need to cancel an online appointment. When you book an appointment online, you are holding a space on my calendar that is no longer available to my other clients.

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