What is Shaktipat?

Shaktipat is the transfer of spiritual energy from the teacher to the student in order to awaken kundalini. This energy can be transmitted in a number of ways: by touch, through a mantra, with a look, through a sacred word or by thought. It is also said that it can be transmitted over distance through an object such as a mala or dried fruit. 


Shakti is the divine within, sometimes known as the Holy Spirit, it is like our inner spiritual guide. It is a spiritual power whose process can be improved by spiritual practice or sadhana. It exists inside every human being in either a dormant or awakened state. Once awakened it requires our cooperation and support in the form of meditation and practicing love, devotion and surrender. It may manifest in a number of different ways from subtle to extraordinary and may even be active in a person without their knowing.

Shakti is referred to as the Divine Presence inside every human soul, it is the warmth and calm felt when in awe of nature or moved by acts of compassion. It is the joy of the divine within that stirs our hearts and is the power behind our creativity and flow states.









What happens when Kundalini is activated?

Kundalini is the spiritual potential found in all humans, it is the spiritual power that animates the causal, subtle and physical body. In its dormant state it remains in a coiled position at the base of the spine where it controls vital energy to sustain the life force. When an activation of Kundalini takes place it uncoils and leaves the Muladhara or root chakra through one of six nadis in which it can travel. When this has taken place it never recoils in Muladhara again. Once Kundalini has been released from the Muladhara a person may experience increased inner awareness and may start to feel the subtle body, they may also start to become aware of their own inner personal guidance, ie. guides or intuition. Once Kundalini has made its way into the Sushumna nadi its goal is to make its way up into the Bindu Chakra or Crown Chakra.

Receive a Shaktipat with Gareth

Shaktipat can be done remotely and over a distance. This means you can be in your home and I can be in another location and send the shaktipat to you via a photo or zoom meeting.