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Gareth Duignam, a spiritual guide and channel for the powerful force known as The Mother Force. Through one-on-one Darshan sessions, Gareth helps individuals awaken their consciousness and embark on a transformative spiritual journey. Join Gareth's regular group meditations and engaging discussions on Zoom every Tuesday and Friday to delve deeper into spiritual wisdom. For those seeking a more immersive experience, Gareth also hosts intensives and retreats throughout Europe. Discover Gareth's profound spiritual journey and uncover the endless possibilities of spiritual awakening by clicking the button below.

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Gareth Duignam, born in Dublin, Ireland in 1979, shares his transformative journey in this autobiography. From a life of non-conformity, he embarked on a spiritual awakening that led him to become a teacher, proficient in transmitting potent energies like Shaktipat and the Supramental Force.

This candid narrative delves into Gareth's pre-awakening life and his miraculous unveiling of truth beyond illusions. It chronicles his evolution into an irreverent, humorous, and loving teacher for the True Spiritual Awakening group. Notably, Gareth's teaching style stands out as he views himself as a friend, an equal, and a teammate rather than a guru. His mission is to empower others to reach the heights he has attained.

Throughout the story, readers encounter Gareth's profound epiphanies, which are said to transmit energy to those who engage with them. Reading this book becomes a spiritual meditation practice in itself. Gareth's post-awakening personality remains down-to-earth, humorously genuine, making this book a humble gift to the world—a must-read for contemporary spiritual seekers.


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