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About Gareth

Hi there, I’m Gareth, I've built my life around helping others discover the joy of awakening through silence and meditation. In 2005 I fell in love with meditation and how it has transformed my life and well-being. After many years practicing with wise teachers and mentors, I developed the ability to transmit Shakti energy and have made it my mission to help others heal and awaken their inner being. 
I offer twice weekly zoom meditations for anyone who would like to join and meditate in the group I also offer one to one Shaktipat.
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Unity Consciousness light Transmission

One to One Unity Consciousness Light Transmission with Gareth. 


Unity Consciousness Light transmission to awaken consciousness (raise your LOC)

Combined with Shaktipat to awaken Kundalini energy.

Book an online Unity Consciousness Light Transmission and Shaktipat.