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Welcome to the Resources section, a curated collection of transformative materials to support your journey towards holistic well-being and spiritual growth. Explore a diverse range of enlightening books that delve into the realms of mindfulness, self-discovery, and personal empowerment. Immerse yourself in the wisdom of renowned healers whose insights can guide you on your path to healing and inner balance. Discover transformative methods and practices that resonate with your unique spiritual journey, from meditation techniques to energy healing modalities. These carefully selected resources are designed to inspire, empower, and nurture your mind, body, and spirit. Whether you're a seasoned seeker or just beginning your exploration, these recommendations aim to provide valuable tools for self-discovery and spiritual elevation. Embrace the power of knowledge and healing as you embark on a transformative adventure towards a more harmonious and enriched life.

The Endless Possibilities Podcast

Eva and Gareth are both working in the field of energy and spirituality. Eva works on healing the human system and Gareth works on awakening consciousness. In this Podcast, they share about their experiences of working in these fields and of their own spiritual journeys and discuss various topics related to healing and awakening consciousness. They both work with energy transmissions and are helping people all over the world to reach their highest potential and to reconnect to their true natural self. The podcast is available on Youtube and all the major podcast platforms including Spotify, Apple and Amazon Music. Click here to learn more

Energy Healing with Eva Muller

The sessions are for anyone who feels drawn to them. They help to clear blocked energies and elevate the human system from lower vibrations. Messages are coming through, which help to make subconscious information known and accessible. The client's individual light gets realigned so it can flow more harmoniously and coherently. The end result is greater awareness and consciousness allowing for expanded light in the energy field and true alignment with your natural self.

Click here to learn more.

Pellowah Energy Healing 

For nearly three years, I dedicated myself to the profound practice of offering one-on-one Pellowah sessions, sometimes conducting up to five sessions per week. The journey was deeply enriching, witnessing the transformative effects of Pellowah on individuals navigating their unique spiritual paths. However, as my own sessions and retreats gained momentum, the demands on my time grew. Regrettably, I made the tough decision to discontinue offering one-on-one Pellowah sessions on my website. The decision wasn't easy, but it allowed me to channel my energy into other avenues of spiritual exploration and connection. Fortunately, for those seeking the potent healing energies of Pellowah, I wholeheartedly recommend Gemma from Gemma shares a similar training background, having learned under the guidance of Julie Parker. Her expertise and commitment to the practice make her a fantastic choice for those embarking on their Pellowah healing journey.

Waking up From The Dream, Gareth's Book

This book is an unspoken invitation to explore the deeper realms of self and spirit, a narrative that's both a journey and a meditation, a gift of understanding, and a testament to the power of true awakening. It stands as an essential companion for anyone navigating the complex, yet rewarding, landscape of personal and spiritual growth in the modern world. Click here to learn more.

Our Natural Potential, By David Buckland

In the last decade, we’ve seen an unprecedented growth in spiritual awakening. Why is this happening? How are we to understand the nature of enlightenment? Is it a normal part of human development we had forgotten how to culture? What is the underlying causal mechanism? What are the common differences in experiencing the unfolding? How can we support people making progress without a decent road map? Can we understand this profound natural potential?Our Natural Potential will show you the underlying process and the main stages of enlightenment based on an 8,000-year-old Vedic text. Each stage has its own distinct reality, sense of self and the world. We’ll explore the two aspects required to support a full unfolding and detail the reality of each stage. Enlightenment is not a goal but rather a platform for living a fuller, richer life well beyond any description. This book will discuss how to culture further development and recognize common symptoms and issues. It will allow you to put spiritual teachings into a broader context. Be prepared to have some of your concepts about the spiritual journey broken. Click here to learn more.

Technique with Partha SriNivasan

Since there are many types of human systems, this transcendence technique is taught in different ways, tailored to each person’s individual system. In this way the transcendence technique can have the optimal impact on both the person and the collective. Completing a questionnaire is part of the process for learning this technique, which enables the teachers to determine the appropriate method of teaching. 


The technique is taught in three stages which allows us to acclimate to the energy as it moves through the system. This also allows everyone, irrespective of their level of spiritual experience, to participate. Only your aspiration to serve as a channel of Divine is needed.  Click here to learn more.

Sri Vidya Maha Shodashi Mantra Initation with Santosh

The Maha Shodashi Mantra is not an ordinary Mantra; it is said to be one of the most important Mantras in the scriptures. It is created by Lord Shiva and thus, when you chant it, you feel closer to Shiva and Shakti.The Shodashi Mantra grants both, spiritual as well as material, benefits to the one who chants it.If the Shodashi Mantra is chanted with a clear conscience and a determined intention, it can make any wish come true for you.The Shodashi Mantra is a 28 letter Mantra and thus, it is one of the simplest and easiest Mantras for you to recite, remember and chant.The Shodashi Mantra is a major part of Tantra Vidya and thus, if you want to get into this Vidya or knowledge, you have got to learn the Shodashi Mantra. Click to learn more. for initiation email Santosh

Rudraksha Mala's Including Siddha Mala's

For centuries, Rudraksha beads have been used in Hindu culture as a means to gain spiritual power and connect with the divine. Gareth recommends wearing the Siddha Mala's, either 1-14 mukhi or 1-16 mukhi. Siddha Mala is called so because it consists of the energies of all the beads in one mala. All the Gods and all the planets bless the Siddha Mala. All the beads have a different valuation that they bring to their being. But when they are together, these beads combine together to give a powerful creation and connect the soul of the person with the divine being. In short, it can be said that Siddha mala is a string of 16 Shakti beads combined together.

Gareth has used this seller who proves the quality of all the mala's by supplying Lab Certifications with all malas. Use the code TSA11 at the checkout for a discount.

Click here to learn more.

The Mother Book, By Sri Aurobindo Free E-Book Download

 These inspirational essays by Sri Aurobindo form a powerful statement of the true attitude to be taken by a sadhak of the integral Yoga: one of a complete and dynamic surrender to the Mother. They describe the triple movement of aspiration, rejection, and surrender, the conditions for a true faith and sincerity, the irresistible power of the Divine Mother’s grace, the need to reconquer the money-force for the Mother’s work, and the joy of a perfect instrumentality through selfless work, surmounting the demands of the ego. The final piece describes the four great powers and personalities of the Divine Mother.

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