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Since I started mediating with Gareth I can feel my mediations are getting more intense, I can feel the transmission getting stronger every time I also can feel my kundalini is awakening. He has helped me so much through my spiritual journey any questions I may have he is happy to help. I am so glad to have found him

Esther O Farrell, Dublin Ireland

The powerful energy of sitting with Gareth's meditation group has had a huge effect on me beyond anything I could of gained from meditating alone. It has inspired my daily practice, I am now able to go deeper into being that silent stillness and having a much closer connection with the self. The group Gareth has gathered together are a lovely group of people and that are so supportive, nurturing and full of compassion. I feel so greatful to have found this group that has had such an enduring shift in my life that I want everyone to have this opportunity.

Stephen F, Carlow Ireland

Gareth provides a great gift! Just take it.The meetings are an amazing and wonderful opportunity to sit and talk with a nice and cool guy, while being immersed in his very potent transmission. During the meditation you may experience visions, insights, deep states of silence and inner peace, as well as getting in touch with the vibratory current of the universe itself (the Shakti) and be filled with spiritual bliss over time. Additionaly Gareth is able to tune into different energetic frequencies, which creates an atmosphere that feels like a fresh breeze every time making each sitting a unique experience. The zoom meetings WILL (if your are able to attend them for a longer period of time) transform your own meditative states and capacities and most importantly your life in general. Certainly the group which consists of a bunch of lighthearted, compassionate and curious individuals from all over the globe adds it´s own charm to the already sweet intoxicating flavour of the zoom session. So you can ask questions, share your experiences or just enjoy the silence. Everybody is welcome and one can just come as they are and where they are.
So give it a shot – you will not regret it, i promise. And the good news is: it gets stronger and stronger everytime.

Walter (33) Germany

I really love being part of Gar's  meditation group; not that he sees it as his, it is our group.
I have meditated twice a week for 9 months with our group and it has transformed my meditation practice to a higher / deeper level.
It is optional to chat as a group beforehand which I really love! It is fun and we share knowledge, beliefs and experiences. It is so wonderful for me to meet like minded fabulous people from around the world.
Gar is self-realised and laid back and has had many amazing experiences that he shares. There is no ego around leadership or being a 'wise one / guru' which I find refreshing.
I highly recommend the group and to watch Gar's videos too.
In huge gratitude.....

Karen, Norfolk UK

I’ve started with meditation 2 years ago and take part in Gareths group on a permanent basis twice a week. It’s so incredible good to be in this group as people are meditating together and therefore it’s really strong and sometimes flashing me out. This group is full with positive, open-minded and lovely people. Gareth is a great guy and and always helpful and supporting. It feels like friends&family. Meditation improved my physical and spiritual health a lot. Since Im doing meditation I‘m almost completely without fear and instead acting from a love base. Feeling much gratitude to be a part of this amazing group that has been able to improve my life.

Enna, Germany

In a world where people with a more conventional experience of the self look at you sideways as a bit of an oddball when you're on the spiritual path, trying to have a conversation about the wonders of self actualisation and your experiences of mysticism, it's a refreshing god send to meet a real life normal human guy who went from self enquiry to self realisation. So it is true and it does happen. Gareth is a special treasure with a delightful sense of modesty and goodwill. He has created a perfect forum for a thirsty tribe. We  love the chats, we love the meetings and the potency of his transmissions. He's a real gift.  





Greystones Wicklow Ireland.



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