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I have been on the spiritual path for nearly 20 years and have been committed to various meditation practices and teachings such as Reiki, Osho, Advaita, 12 Steps Recovery,, Channelings, etc and it all came together in a absolute completion when I found Shaktipat. 


On this path, the Divine descends to meet you, resolve your stuff and integrate all aspects of yourself fully. I experienced continuous charging up with energy and releasing lots of past trauma and conditioning. The ever expanding love and confidence are really delicious and totally worth it. It seems like it's been all I ever wanted and needed in my life. 


I came across the levels of consiousness in early 2020 and it all made sense. I continued attending Gar's online retreats and meditations. I felt stuck at some point and felt like I just wasn't fully in Unity Consiousness. I had private sessions with Gar and in just two sessions the energy in my brain expanded beyond the limited "me" identity and I have been living in Unity Consiousness (LOC 1000) ever since. It's incredible, I wish this from the bottom of my heart to any person on this planet. 


If you've come this far on your journey and you're reading my post, then this is probably for you. Give yourself a chance to resolve all stuck energies and come to a full self realization. The fulfilment and satisfaction as well as the overwhelming love are incredible. So happy to have met Gar, he's very committed to taking people to Unity Consiousness. He's really supportive, has beautiful integrity and deep understanding of the enlightenment process. All my love to you, enjoy your infinite bliss ️️️ 


Nellie, London UK



I wrote a while ago about the amazing blissful meditations within Gareth‘s regular group and also his one-to-one transmissions. Today I’m going to write about my way to a so called spiritual LOC 1000, a vibration level of enlighment. At first: Thank you to a wonderful authentic meditation teacher to accompany my blissful way! I’ll post my story to motivate more people to go this way as it is possible for everyone. And it’s actually fun, okay some work of course too, but even more fun if you can find a great companion like Gareth. 


Since I‘ve started with meditation only 3 years ago, I was filled with lots of fear and problems at this time. I adapted a lot of those limiting identifications being a normal member of our society and narratives. After I went to a monastery 3 years ago and joined a lot of spiritual classes since then, I liked the classes with Gareth the most. He was able to support my way to step out oft he ego identification with his funny and authentic personality. While meditating on a regular basis I could see my fear based mindset having used sentences like „I have to“ „I must to“ „I need to because…“ fading away. On a deeper level I started  to understand that those limitations were coming from a human ego identification and were combined with other lower frequency emotions like constant doubts or beliefs „I am not good enough“ or comparison. In meditation it always felt so good to step out of it into a love-based open range of possibilities with no limits.


At the place of the true self there is only pure awareness, love, bliss, compassion and understanding. Although life can still be challenging on the human side, you start to realize that there actually is no problem for your true self. Looking from this point of view there will always be a gap between your ego emotions and yourself. This enables you to identy that those limitations are coming from your limited human self. Realising this you only need a short while to step out of it and get back to your normal bliss state of being. 


Since I’ve reached that point, life is just flowing. There is nothing to be in trouble with as you only are. Everything is like it is, it’s all just situations and if you act for solutions from your true point of being you’re starting to trust that everything is going to work out. There are also no more reasons to complain. In summary it is a relaxed, smiling point of view with a natural serenity. 


THANK YOU Gareth to accompany my way, I can just truly recommend your meditations and transmissions to everyone in this world. It seems that the universum has set you in the right place to help others to finding there true side. I hope a lot of people are going to try this out! If evryone is living in peace we are going to see the difference in the world.

Enna, Munich Germany

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When I first joined Gareths meditation group I still found it hard to find the time and patience to sit and meditate but with the amazing energy in the group and from him I was very quickly able to.

I decied to do one to one sessions with him, over the last 4 months receiving Shaktipat and his Light Transmission, he has helped me to have a full kundalini awakening into the crown and enter unity consciousness. He's kind, generous and down to earth and anyone who can find the time to join his group will have their lives enriched. I'm so grateful to him and for his time and love for everyone who joins him.

Claudine, London UK

Working with Gareth is such a great opportunity and I can really recommend it. If you are looking for an independent, supportive mentor you can really trust, then you found him. He is such a nice, funny and down to earth guy. He is a great companion and guide for everybody's unique spiritual journey.  When I joined the weekly group meditations, I didn’t even know, that I was on some journey. I just wanted to meditate with a group for getting more in contact with my inner world. Before the meditations, there is always time for a 30 minute chat, where I could learn a lot about spirituality and got more interested. The people in the meditation group are all so nice and fun and some have really become friends.


I love the one on one sessions with Gareth because there, we can look deeper into my personal questions and needs. He has really helped me to transform myself to really see, that I am more than I knew before. My whole inside world has changed along this journey. He helped me to get self realized and get into unity consciousness (LOC 1000). I really appreciate that he is teaching us to trust ourselves and listen to our inner voice. For me, this is one of the most important things on this journey. I can’t thank you enough Gareth, for all you have done for me!

Eva, Vienna Austria


I really love being part of Gar's  meditation group; not that he sees it as his, it is our group.I have meditated twice a week for 9 months with our group and it has transformed my meditation practice to a higher / deeper level.It is optional to chat as a group beforehand which I really love! It is fun and we share knowledge, beliefs and experiences. It is so wonderful for me to meet like minded fabulous people from around the world.Gar is self-realised and laid back and has had many amazing experiences that he shares. There is no ego around leadership or being a 'wise one / guru' which I find refreshing.I highly recommend the group and to watch Gar's videos too.In huge gratitude......

Karen, Norfolk UK


Gareth provides a great gift! Just take it.The meetings are an amazing and wonderful opportunity to sit and talk with a nice and cool guy, while being immersed in his very potent transmission. During the meditation you may experience visions, insights, deep states of silence and inner peace, as well as getting in touch with the vibratory current of the universe itself (the Shakti) and be filled with spiritual bliss over time. Additionaly Gareth is able to tune into different energetic frequencies, which creates an atmosphere that feels like a fresh breeze every time making each sitting a unique experience. The zoom meetings WILL (if you are able to attend them for a longer period of time) transform your own meditative states and capacities and most importantly your life in general. Certainly the group which consists of a bunch of lighthearted, compassionate and curious individuals from all over the globe adds it´s own charm to the already sweet intoxicating flavour of the zoom session. So you can ask questions, share your experiences or just enjoy the silence. Everybody is welcome and one can just come as they are and where they are.So give it a shot – you will not regret it, i promise. And the good news is: it gets stronger and stronger everytime.

Walter, Frankfurt Germany


The powerful energy of sitting with Gareth's meditation group has had a huge effect on me beyond anything I could of gained from meditating alone. It has inspired my daily practice, I am now able to go deeper into being that silent stillness and having a much closer connection with the self. The group Gareth has gathered together are a lovely group of people and that are so supportive, nurturing and full of compassion. I feel so greatful to have found this group that has had such an enduring shift in my life that I want everyone to have this opportunity.

Stephen, Carlow Ireland

Since I started meditating with Gareth I can feel my meditations are getting deeper and more intense, I can feel the shaktipat transmission getting stronger every time and I also sense my Kundalini is awakening. He has helped me so much through my spiritual journey, any questions I may have he is always happy to help. I am so glad to have found him.

Esther, Dublin Ireland

Joining Gareth's group meditations along with 1-2-1 sessions is in my experience the fastest way to make spiritual progress. Highly recommended for any serious seeker. Book knowledge is good for understanding the concepts but here you'll get the lived, visceral experience of those states. That said, Gareth does also have a deep intellectual understanding of spirituality and can help you in that way too.


Personally for me, finding out about Gareth and everything that he's offering has been the single most important thing on my journey. Progress which I thought would've taken years, decades or more to accomplish has now taken place within a significantly shorter time. Of course there's no end to the spiritual process and having the privilege of weekly meditations with a great group of people is something not to be missed.


If you're reading this, it's probably a sign that you should give this a try!


Olli, Kouvola Finland