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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the one to one sessions? 

I offer three time slots for the Shaktipat and Light Transmissions, a 90 minute session a 60 minute session and a 30 minute session. These are done over zoom and you will be emailed the link once you book your session.

The longer session usually consists of 10-15 minutes of talking, the transmission usually lasts 45-60 minutes, it consists of a 15 minute light transmission and can be combined with Shaktipat or a Sat Force transmission.

For a 30 minute session we do not do much talking and the sessions are made up of a 15 minute Light Transmission followed by 15 minutes of Shaktipat or Sat Force. 

The Pellowah Energy Healing is done over an hour session, we do not talk during these sessions and we do not use zoom,  all we need is for you to email us a photo for us to connect with for the healing. 

How many sessions will I need?

It is entirely up to you and what you feel called to do, there is no one size fits all when it comes to doing one to one sessions. I always tell people to go with their gut and only come back if their inner compass is guiding them to work with me.  

Generally the people who come to work with me are serious spiritual seekers or people who are already awake and are looking for some help to reach Unity Consciousness and beyond. I have helped some already awakened people reach unity consciousness in as little as two sessions using a Light Transmission that helps raise ones Level Of Consciousness. Generally people doing one session per week tend to progress faster but I have others who do equally as well doing a session every two weeks, others are more sporadic and some will do one session and I will not hear from them again. I can only share my experience from working with clients and the ones who seem to excel are the ones who come with an earnest attitude.

You mentioned that you use a Light Transmission and Shaktipat in your sessions, can you explain the difference and why you use both?

Shaktipat is the transmission of spiritual energy to the aspirant in an attempt to awaken Kundalini Energy. It can be done in a number of ways, during our sessions it will be done over zoom and is just as powerful as in person, this method is known as Shaktipat in absentia. Once Kundalini has been awakened via Shaktipat the aspirant may feel a number of beneficial symptoms including bliss, stillness of the mind, energy or vibrations in the body and ones health often improves.

The Light Transmission is used to awaken consciousness and ultimately to bring on self realisation or Unity Consciousness, when done on a regular basis it raises the aspirants Level Of Consciousness. David Hawkins was the first who brought the Levels of Consciousness into a numerical map. The map I use finishes at 1000 which is also known as Unity Consciousness.

I use both Shaktipat and the Light Transmission during my one to one sessions as I feel both are needed to reach full enlightenment. 

How do I book a session?

You can book a session by going to the book your session section and selecting from the online one to one offerings. For Shaktipat and a Light Transmission there are two options available, either a 30 minute session or a 1 hour session. You can then select a time from our calendar that suits you. Once booked you will be emailed a confirmation email with a unique zoom meeting link. This link will be used when we meet for our session.

How do I pay for a session and what are the costs?


You can simply select the service you want, once you select your preferred time and date you will be brought to a payment page, you can pay by credit card or Paypal. Once booked you will receive an email with your details to join the zoom meeting room.

How do we connect for our session if I am in a different country, will the transmission work if I am not there in person?

One to One sessions will be done over the Zoom app, if you are unfamiliar with Zoom you can click here to learn more on how to use it. The transmissions I use are beyond space and time and therefore can be sent via distance with intent. All you have to do is sit comfortably with your camera on, the transmission is stronger if I can see you clearly. I am based in Ireland and my time zone is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) please keep this in mind when booking your session. 


I see you offer twice weekly group shaktipat meditations over Zoom and YouTube Live meditations, are these just as effective and can I join these also?

Absolutely, In fact I encourage you to join as many of these session as possible when working with me, it is another way to stay in the energy, when receiving Shaktipat from me its really important to immerse your self in the energy as much as possible. I also suggest meditating with my YouTube Shaktipat videos daily to stay connected to the transmission. During the group Zoom meetings I give everyone Shaktipat individually while they meditate. I do not do the light transmission during these meetings. The Zoom meditations are open for anyone to join, the group usually has about 30 regular participants. It is important to have your camera on during these sessions in order for me to really direct the Shaktipat to you, but its ok to turn your camera off, you will still pick up the energy meditating in the group. The group Meditations are offered by a suggested donation of €10-€20, but we will never turn anyone away due to lack of funds. All are welcome to attend. You can find my time table here.


What lineage does the Shaktipat you give come from?

I do not belong to any Lineage or any Spiritual Organisation. I became a Shaktipat aspirant of Jan Esmann in March 2017, I attended many Shaktipat Intensives with Jan and I later went on to have a full Kundalini Awakening that travelled up into the brain. Shortly after this event I naturally developed the ability to give Shaktipat to others. In August 2020 I was lucky enough to have Jan initiate me to give Shaktipat. I am very grateful to Jan Esmann for his gift of Shaktipat and for initiating me, I would not be doing what I am today with out his help and the gift of Shaktipat that helped transform my system.


What other teachers have you worked with?

I have never had one dedicated teacher or guru but I have attended various retreats and workshops with teachers such as Sat Shree,  Tom Campbell and I have received Darshan from Mother Meera and Amma who are both considered Avatars. 


Where can I find out more information on your spiritual journey?

You can read more about my spiritual awakening and bio here. I also have a YouTube Channel where I talk about the various stages of enlightenment I have gone through over the years, you can check them out here

Do you hold your own Shaktipat intensives either in person or online? 

Due to Covid restrictions there are currently no in person intensives available. I do hold twice monthly online intensives.

Can you tell me how your Online Weekend Shaktipat Intensives work?

The online intensives are done over zoom, you can book your place here.  The cost per person is €40 for the full two day Intensive (including all six sessions). Once booked you will be emailed your booking confirmation, in this email you will have a unique zoom link to attend the weekend intensive. Please use this link to attend all meetings over the two day period. Please note we are limited to a maximum of 16 participants for each intensive.


We have three sessions each day starting at 12pm UK time on Saturday. Session one is a two hour sitting and I gave each person a direct Shaktipat transmission for 12 minutes while the rest of the group meditate along. We normally do two people back to back, I pin the persons screen up so I can only see them and give them third eye Shaktipat and Shaktipat into the heart for the 12 minutes. Once the 12 minutes is up I switch to the next person and repeat the procedure. Once I have given the Shaktipat to the two people I will sound a bell and we break for 5 minutes, if they like they can share their experience. This is done during the first two session until all participants have received Shaktipat. The last session of the day is a one hour session of third eye Shaktipat done to music. 

Sunday we start at the same time but for the first two sessions we do Light Transmissions to awaken consciousness. This is the same format as on the Saturday, each person gets a direct 12 minute Light Transmission. The last one hour session on the Sunday is third eye Shaktipat done to music.

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