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About Gareth

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Gareth's journey of spiritual awakening began in 2005 when he first discovered meditation. A friend introduced him to guided meditation, and during his first session, Gareth experienced a moment of satori, a temporary state of no-mind. This experience captivated him, and he became eager to return to that space of consciousness. Over the next few years, he developed a regular meditation practice.

In 2010, Gareth started having spontaneous out-of-body experiences, which continued intermittently for two years before fading away. Despite the temporary interest in these experiences, Gareth remained dedicated to his daily meditation practice without considering himself a "serious spiritual seeker."


Then, in November 2016, during a visit to the gym, Gareth had a profound spiritual awakening that he referred to as "waking up from the dream." He suddenly realized that everything he perceived was not happening externally but within his consciousness. This realization was accompanied by a tearing sensation in his mind, and he described it as God or the Universe awakening in the dream and perceiving reality through his eyes. Gareth realized that he had been dreaming himself into the character of "Gareth" and that everything he focused on was also an extension of himself. This insight expanded to include other people, and he recognized that he was within everyone.

This awakening marked a significant turning point in Gareth's life. Although the initial intensity of the God Realization subsided, he entered a permanent state of self-realization, experiencing freedom and boundless peace he had never known before. Each moment felt like the first moment ever lived on Earth, and his life transformed accordingly.


In March 2018, Gareth received Shaktipat, a spiritual initiation involving the transmission of energy, from , a Shaktipat teacher. Following this initiation, Gareth entered states of ecstatic bliss that lasted for months. Shortly after his second shaktipat intensive, Gareth experienced a full Kundalini awakening, an uncommon occurrence that led him to acquire the ability to transmit intelligent energy (shakti) to others during meditation. Gareth was subsequently initiated by the teacher to give Shaktipat, enabling him to awaken the Kundalini life force in others.


In December 2019, Gareth entered Unity Consciousness. During meditation, he witnessed a vision of a coffee mug symbolizing the container of his consciousness. The mug repeatedly tapped against prison bars until it shattered, resulting in an explosion of light within Gareth's mind. This experience signified the shift into Unity, where the seeker's individual consciousness merges into the collective consciousness, eradicating separateness.


Within weeks of the Unity shift, Gareth transitioned into permanent Sahaja Samadhi. The connection between the "I" thought (ego) and the mind dissolved, and the "I" thought merged back into the spiritual heart, leaving Gareth in a continuous state of effortless Samadhi, a state of deep meditation and union with the divine.

Shortly after this, Gareth experienced the state of the Brahman, where consciousness remembers itself before being conscious. Consciousness retreats into the void outside creation, and the soul merges with the Brahman, becoming one with it.


Finally, in August 2021, Gareth merged with the Supreme Consciousness, also known as the Godhead. This transformative process unfolded over several weeks, and Gareth became a dynamic channel for the divine forces (satchitananda) to enter creation.

Today, Gareth offers his services to others, helping them discover the joy of awakening through the same path of grace he traversed. He conducts twice-weekly Zoom meditations, allowing participants to meditate in a group from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, Gareth works one-on-one with individuals, transmitting the Supramental Force to facilitate their spiritual growth.


For further insights into Gareth's spiritual journey, you can order his book.

Interview's with Gareth

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