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The Supramental or Sat Force: A Transformational Power

Updated: Dec 3, 2023

The concept of the Supramental Force is deeply rooted in the teachings and philosophy of Sri Aurobindo, an influential Indian philosopher, yogi, and spiritual teacher of the 20th century. Sri Aurobindo's exploration of consciousness and his vision of human evolution have had a profound impact on the way we understand the potential of the human mind and spirit. At the heart of his teachings lies the idea of the Supramental Force, a transformative power that can elevate human consciousness to new heights. In this essay, we will delve into what the Supramental Force is and its significance in the context of human evolution and spiritual awakening.

The Supramental Force is often described as a divine and transcendent energy that exists beyond the ordinary human experience. It is considered the next stage of human evolution, a state of consciousness that transcends the limitations of the ego-bound mind and connects individuals to a higher, universal truth. Sri Aurobindo believed that the human mind is just a stepping stone in the evolution of consciousness and that the Supramental Force represents the next evolutionary leap.

One of the fundamental characteristics of the Supramental Force is its capacity for transformation. It is not merely a passive force but an active, creative, and intelligent power that can reshape and restructure the human being at every level – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. This transformation is not limited to the individual but extends to the collective consciousness of humanity as well.

At its core, the Supramental Force is said to embody the qualities of unity, harmony, and divine knowledge. It unifies the fragmented aspects of the human psyche, bringing about a profound sense of inner harmony and integration. This unity extends beyond the individual to encompass the entire human race, fostering a sense of global interconnectedness and cooperation.

The Supramental Force is also associated with an innate wisdom and knowledge that transcends intellectual understanding. It is not knowledge acquired through learning or experience but a direct, intuitive knowing that arises from a profound connection to the universal truth. This knowledge has the potential to guide individuals and humanity as a whole towards a higher purpose and a more enlightened way of life.

One of the key aspects of the Supramental Force is its role in the process of spiritual evolution. Sri Aurobindo envisioned a future in which individuals would undergo a spiritual transformation, leading to a state of consciousness that transcends the ego and its limitations. This transformation is not a sudden event but a gradual and ongoing process of growth and evolution.

The Supramental Force acts as a catalyst for this spiritual evolution, helping individuals shed their ego-driven desires and attachments and move towards a state of selflessness and divine love. It enables them to access higher states of consciousness, characterized by inner peace, bliss, and a profound sense of interconnectedness with all of creation.

Furthermore, the Supramental Force is believed to have the power to heal and rejuvenate the physical body. It can bring about a state of optimal health and vitality, as well as enhance the body's natural regenerative abilities.

This aspect of the Supramental Force is closely related to the concept of integral yoga, which combines physical, mental, and spiritual practices to achieve a holistic transformation of the individual.

In the context of Sri Aurobindo's teachings, the Supramental Force is not a distant and unattainable ideal but a tangible and accessible reality. He believed that individuals could actively aspire to connect with this force through dedicated spiritual practice and inner purification. Through disciplines such as meditation, self-inquiry, and selfless service, individuals can open themselves to the transformative power of the Supramental Force and gradually evolve towards a higher state of consciousness.

In conclusion, the Supramental Force represents a profound and transformative power that has the potential to elevate human consciousness to new heights. It embodies qualities of unity, harmony, wisdom, and healing, and it plays a crucial role in the ongoing process of human evolution. Sri Aurobindo's vision of the Supramental Force offers hope and inspiration for those who seek to transcend their limitations and awaken to a higher, more enlightened state of being. It is a reminder that there is more to the human experience than meets the eye, and that our potential for growth and transformation is limitless.

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Hi Gareth!

Is that the same as "the mother force" or a different form of divine energy?

Sri Aurobindo was very fond of Ramalinga Swami who attained immortal divine body which he later disolved into light. He thought that S force could also do that but he himself did not attain anything in that direction. Ramalinga talked about "the grace light" transmuting his body. Would be cool if you could connect with that aspect of divinity and transmite it. Ramalinga said "if the body is not immortal you got still work to do no matter the god realization you have currently attained". I thought that with "grace light" he may have meant pure divinity beyond consciousness but i am not…


Philomeen van der Heijden
Philomeen van der Heijden
16 באוק׳ 2023

I am very grateful to have the possibility to have acces to this holy force or better said that that force takes over my whole system

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