Bio and Story of Spiritual Awakening

Hi! I'm Gareth,

I first discovered meditation in 2005, I was given a guided meditation and on my very first listen I had a moment of satori, I had temporally dropped into a space of no mind. I was immediately hooked wanting to return that space I had entered at every chance I got.

In november 2016 I had a spiritual awakening that I referred to as "waking up from the dream" this awakening left me in a state of oneness with everything and everyone around me. I soon after started to experience a bliss that has never left me.


In January of 2019 a few months after receiving Shaktipat from Jan Esmann an Enlightened Kundalini master,  I experienced a full Kundalini awakening, this very rare experience later led me onto being able to transmit intelligent energy (shakti) to others during meditation.


Then in December of 2019 I discovered a book by Ramaji called "1000 The levels of consciousness", this booked mapped out enlightenment using The LOC (Level of Consciousness) a map of spiritual awakening based on numerical values. The highest state which is the state of living in nonduality in this map it is expressed as 1000.

In the book Ramaji talked about a unique Shaktipat transmission he gave that would raise peoples LOC, I decided to contact him and soon after I was booked in to receive my first transmission from him. On the first online meeting he accessed my LOC and put me at 852. After just four online sessions with Ramaji I entered 1000 which Ramaji confirmed for me.

At LOC 1000, the seeker’s individual consciousness or ego consciousness completely submerges into Primordial Consciousness, the Pure being. The seeking consciousness is now gone. The seeker is now gone! All that remains is the Absolute, The Self, Pure “I", Primordial Consciousness.

 I now offer my services helping others discover the joy of awakening through silence and meditation. I offer twice weekly free zoom meditations for anyone who would like to join and mediate in the group from the comfort of your home. I also work one to one with individuals, mainly in silence transmitting Shakti energy during meditation and also offer Pellowah Energy Healing by distance or in person.

You can find out more about me and my awakening by watching the videos below.

About me video.


Greystones Wicklow Ireland.



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