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The Path Of Grace

During Gareth's spiritual awakening he soon realised that he needed the force that came through the form of the Guru to ignite the spiritual fire in him, he discovered he needed three transmissions to take him to the level he is currently at. Shaktipat to awaken Kundalini, Light Transmission to awaken Consciousness and the Supramental Force to take him beyond creation into Brahman Consciousness and ultimately merge with the Supreme Consciousness. Gareth has become a dynamic channel for all three forces.


Shaktipat is the transfer of spiritual energy from the teacher to the student in order to awaken kundalini. This energy can be transmitted in a number of ways: by touch, through a mantra, with a look, through a sacred word or by thought. It is also said that it can be transmitted over distance through an object such as a mala or dried fruit. 
Shakti is the divine within, sometimes known as the Holy Spirit, it is like our inner spiritual guide. It is a spiritual power whose process can be improved by spiritual practice or sadhana. It exists inside every human being in either a dormant or awakened state. Once awakened it requires our cooperation and support in the form of meditation and practicing love, devotion and surrender. It may manifest in a number of different ways from subtle to extraordinary and may even be active in a person without their knowing.

Shakti is referred to as the Divine Presence inside every human soul, it is the warmth and calm felt when in awe of nature or moved by acts of compassion. It is the joy of the divine within that stirs our hearts and is the power behind our creativity and flow states.

 What happens when Kundalini is activated?
Kundalini is the spiritual potential found in all humans, it is the spiritual power that animates the causal, subtle and physical body. In its dormant state it remains in a coiled position at the base of the spine where it controls vital energy to sustain the life force. When an activation of Kundalini takes place it uncoils and leaves the Muladhara or root chakra through one of six nadis in which it can travel. When this has taken place it never recoils in Muladhara again. Once Kundalini has been released from the Muladhara a person may experience increased inner awareness and may start to feel the subtle body, they may also start to become aware of their own inner personal guidance, ie. guides or intuition. Once Kundalini has made its way into the Sushumna nadi its goal is to make its way up into the Bindu Chakra or Crown Chakra.










Light Transmissions

The Unity Consciousness Light Transmission is a direct transmission of divine white light that is pulled down into the aspirants head during a one to one session. This ball of radiant white light comes directly from the source and is pure consciousness. The transmission takes about 15 minutes, during the session I open up the crown of the recipient and a channel is opened up which allows the light to then be pulled down directly from the source into the brain of the recipient. The brain is then filled with white light which over time starts to reprogram the brain, with repeated sessions the level of consciousness of the recipient starts to increase resulting in effortless stabilisation in Unity Consciousness also known as LOC 1000. 

The Unity Consciousness Light Transmission is suited for serious spiritual seekers nearing the end of their seeking, they may have already experienced the first shift into self realisation but still feel that there is more to it and there is. Receiving the Unity Consciousness Light Transmission may cause a rapid shift in consciousness leading to a permanent shift into Unity Consciousness (Oneness) (Enlightenment).

When you commit to receiving the Unity Consciousness Light Transmissions it may take anywhere from one week to one year, the average being roughly 3 to 6 months to experience a real shift and stabilisation in Unity Consciousness. I recommend doing at least two sessions per month but for optimal results 1 session per week seems to be the best and fastest method. However there is no guarantee all recipients will reach Enlightenment, but with each session the recipients level of consciousness will increase which is not reversible.

I perform the Unity Consciousness transmission on a suggested donation basis making it affordable and accessible to all. 

The Unity Consciousness Transmission is carried out online via a Zoom conference call and is delivered in silence, the recipient will meditate with eyes closed during the session. After the session is finished you may communicate your experience or continue on resting in the energy in silence.


What happens at Unity Consciousness (LOC 1000)?

At Unity Consciousness, consciousness wakes up to the reality of itself, It realises it is pure unbounded intelligence that is the substratum to all of life. The Individual "I" disappears or dissolves into primordial consciousness. The individual sense of self disappears and awakens to being the unbounded field of pure awareness in which all experience and perception happens. It is fully abiding pure awareness awake to itself, there exists absolute peace, innocence and joy.







The Supramental Force

The Supramental force, after the constant practice of mental silence and concentration of the consciousness above the head, one inevitably experiences what may be called the “descent of the Sat“, in which there is a palpable feeling of a Power/Force descending from above the head and working its way down the Brahmarandhra (door of Brahman, AKA anterior fontanelle) through the back of the head and down the spine.   With progress, it is this Power that fills the heart and other parts of the lower being and gradually brings about a change of consciousness.

This “descent experience” has no equivalent in other Yogas where the focus is on raising the Kundalini upwards towards the head from the Muladhara at the base of the spine.


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