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Embarking on the Pellowah Odyssey: A Soul's Unfolding Journey"

I'm thrilled to share an expanded narrative of my profound journey with Pellowah Healing (Featured in my book Waking up From The Dream) – a tale of dreams, synchronicities, and the transformative power of this remarkable modality. Join me as I delve deeper into the intricacies of Pellowah, and explore the path that led me to become a practioner and later a Level 3 teacher trainer.

The Initial Spark:

I first heard the word Pellowah in one of my Zoom Meditation sessions where one enthusiastic soul couldn't stop gushing about the Pellowah Level 1 and 2 workshop she had taken part in. My initial skepticism gave way to curiosity, fueled by a series of vivid dreams introducing me to the ethereal realm of Pellowah Energy Healing. Little did I know that these nocturnal whispers were the seeds of a transformative journey waiting to unfold.

Dreamscapes and Revelations:

However, that very night, something shifted. In a lucid dream, I found myself standing over a woman, my hands hovering inches above her, moving rhythmically. I was surrounded by a dance of energies, one a serene blue, the other a soft pink hue. It was then revealed to me that this was Pellowah Energy Healing in action. Upon waking the next morning, my curiosity was piqued. The dream had been so vivid, so compelling, that I felt drawn to explore Pellowah Healing further. Could this be a sign that there was more to this practice than I had initially assumed? Perhaps it was time to open my mind to the possibilities of what Pellowah Healing could offer on my spiritual journey.

More Prompts in the Dream State:

The next night that followed was different; I dreamt three distinct times, each vision revolving around Pellowah Healing. This prompted a moment of reflection the next day—was the universe sending me a message? The third night brought yet another Pellowah-themed dream. By morning, I was convinced; I needed to sign up for a Pellowah workshop. I registered, paid the fee, and the dreams ceased.

The Lucid Dream Before the Workshop:

Two nights before the workshop, I found myself lucid in a dream reality, In the dream state a woman was meticulously working on my chakras as I lay on a examination table, she was explaining that this was a necessary step to prepare my system for the ascent of Kundalini energy, which would traverse my chakra system. I was no stranger to this concept, having previously experienced a full Kundalini awakening. I communicated this to her, and her reaction was one of slight confusion. She paused, indicating that she needed to consult with someone of higher authority on this matter.

She crossed the room to what seemed like a telephone and began a hushed conversation. I could just make out her words, "This individual has already had a full Kundalini awakening. What's the protocol here? Does he still require the preparation?" After a brief exchange, she hung up the phone and returned to my side. She said ok we do not need to do any more with this. She then told me that Pellowah Energy and Christ Consciousness are closeley related.

The Significance of the Dream

This dream encounter was both intriguing and affirming. It underscored the interconnectedness of our conscious and subconscious realms, especially as they relate to spiritual growth and readiness. The act of the woman consulting a higher authority suggested a hierarchy of knowledge and the importance of guidance in the spiritual realm.

The preparation of my energy body in the dream mirrored the real-life process of attuning oneself before engaging in profound spiritual work. It highlighted the importance of being receptive and properly aligned to fully benefit from such transformative experiences.

Reflections on the Dream and Anticipation of the Workshop

As I awoke from the dream, I pondered its implications. Was it a mere creation of my subconscious, or was it a visitation from a spiritual guide ensuring I was ready for the workshop? Regardless of its origin, the dream served as a powerful reminder of the continuous journey of spiritual development and the unseen forces that may guide and assist us along the way.

The Workshop Unveiled:

Two days later, I eagerly stepped into the Pellowah Energy Healing workshop in Dublin, Ireland. The gathering was intimate, originally planned for eight participants, but life's twists saw two cancellations, leaving just six of us to embark on this transformative journey. The workshop spanned a weekend, with Saturday dedicated to Level 1 and Sunday to Level 2.

The first half of Saturday unfolded as a deep dive into the world of Pellowah. Julie Parker, our guide, led a comprehensive lecture, unraveling the essence of Pellowah – what it was, what it wasn't, and the art of its application. The second half brought a profound experience – the Level 1 attunement by Julie herself. In that moment, a familiar energy coursed through me, reminiscent of past encounters with Shaktipat. This resonance sparked a sense of connection and familiarity, setting the stage for the hands-on exploration that followed.

Post-attunement, we dove into the heart of Pellowah, taking turns giving and receiving healing from one another. My first experience as a recipient was nothing short of powerful. As the energy flowed, I drifted into a realm of visions, witnessing the removal of metaphorical corrupted files from my internal system – a cleansing of sorts.

After experiencing the transformative touch of Pellowah, it was my turn to give back. Standing over another participant lying on the massage table, I summoned the energy, feeling the subtle movements in my hands. What started as small figure-eight motions evolved into a divine dance, all while my eyes remained shut. The energy guided me effortlessly, not just in giving healing but also in receiving it. The session left me invigorated, blurring the lines between giver and receiver.

Day two heralded a more potent experience as we delved into the Level 2 attunement, connecting us to our higher selves. The strength, tenfold compared to Level 1, permeated the room, creating an atmosphere charged with palpable Pellowah energy. We engaged in giving and receiving treatments, each exchange resonating with profound power.

Later in the evening, Julie facilitated the Level 2 attunement, placing her hands near our heads and systematically opening us to connect with our higher selves. The impact was undeniable, leaving us in a state of blissful disorientation. The room buzzed with the heightened energy, and I felt a profound connection to something beyond the tangible.

As the workshop concluded, we gathered in a circle, preparing to part ways. In a moment of serendipity, I pulled out my phone, and the first message I saw was from Couple who channel a transmission known as the Christ Consciousness Transmission. They had extended out an invitation for me to join them on their zoom group to help give the CCT. The invitation echoed a dream from nights prior, reaffirming the link between Pellowah and Christ Consciousness.

In that moment, it was evident – Pellowah had already woven its magic into the fabric of my life. I enthusiastically accepted the offer, embracing the opportunity to be part of something truly extraordinary. This convergence of dreams, workshops, and unexpected invitations underscored the profound influence Pellowah had on my spiritual journey, encouraging me to share its transformative potential with others on a similar path.

I went to work with Pellowah:

For nearly three years, I dedicated myself to the profound practice of offering one-on-one Pellowah sessions, sometimes conducting up to five sessions per week. The journey was deeply enriching, witnessing the transformative effects of Pellowah on individuals navigating their unique spiritual paths. However, as my own sessions and retreats gained momentum, the demands on my time grew. Regrettably, I made the tough decision to discontinue offering one-on-one Pellowah sessions on my website. The decision wasn't easy, but it allowed me to channel my energy into other avenues of spiritual exploration and connection. Fortunately, for those seeking the potent healing energies of Pellowah, I wholeheartedly recommend Gemma from Gemma shares a similar training background, having learned under the guidance of Julie Parker. Her expertise and commitment to the practice make her a fantastic choice for those embarking on their Pellowah healing journey.

A Return to Dublin:

Three years after my initial workshop, the magnetic pull of Pellowah drew me back to Dublin. The decision to revisit the Level 1 and 2 workshop stemmed from an insatiable desire to dive deeper into its mysteries. The energy felt like a reunion with an old friend, and the experience was just as, if not more, profound the second time around.

The Teacher Training Call:

In November 2022, a new chapter unfolded as I embarked on the Level 3 training with Kachina Maan to become a teacher trainer in Pellowah. The depth of understanding and the opportunity to guide others on their healing journey appealed to my soul. However, as life often does, my own practice became busier, and the path of a teacher trainer took a back seat. Yet, the experience left an indelible mark, a testament to the potential for growth and sharing within the Pellowah community.

Gareth, pictured with Julie Parker (top right) and Kachina Maan (top left) along with other participants on level 3 teacher training in Dublin November 2022.

Recommendation for the Spiritual Seeker:

To those on the spiritual journey, I extend an invitation to explore Pellowah. Its transformative power transcends the boundaries of dreams and workshops, seeping into the fabric of daily life. Though my journey led me to the threshold of teacher training, I encourage each seeker to embrace the unique gifts Pellowah has to offer. Let its energy become a guiding force on your own soul's journey. Book a Pellowah healing with Gemma


In the ever-evolving tapestry of my spiritual journey, Pellowah stands as a beacon of light, inviting exploration and growth. The dreams, the workshops, and the return to Dublin all contributed to a narrative that continues to unfold. As I navigate the currents of life, I carry the essence of Pellowah with me, a reminder of the infinite possibilities that await those who choose to embark on this soulful odyssey.

Endless Possibilities Podcast with Julie Parker.

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Great Gareth💖 doing Pellowah level 1 &2 with Julie this weekend. Can’t wait 😀

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