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The Transformative Journey of TT Technique with Partha SriNavasan,

**The Spiritual Transformation through TT Technique**

In this episode of the Endless Possibilities Podcast, hosts Gareth and Eva are joined by Partha Sri Navasan, a guest known for his intimate connection with the spiritual practice known as the TT technique. Partha shares his spiritual evolution, how he met Gareth during a retreat in Ireland, and his significant awakening in 2009 that led him through a transformative journey.

**Discovery of the TT Technique**

Partha elaborates on the roots of his spiritual path, including his introduction to Kriya and the TT technique. He maps out how Swami Sri Atmananda entrusted him with this powerful practice after years of refinement and personal enlightenment.

**Teaching and Sustaining the Technique**

As the only current active teacher of the TT technique, Partha sheds light on how he supports practitioners to sustain and protect the practice like a continuously burning lamp. He stresses the importance of daily engagement for personal and universal transformation.

**The Elemental Forces and Their Harmony**

Diving deep into the philosophical underpinnings, Partha discusses how the five elemental forces – earth, water, fire, air, ether – when in balance, lead to harmony between spirit and mind, individual and universal aspects of existence.

**Stages of Techniques and Dealing with Samskaras**

The technique is structured into three stages to accommodate gentle introductions, activation of latent patterns or Samskaras, and ultimately transcendence. Partha clarifies how each Samskara must be experienced and completed to progress, emphasizing the importance of sensation without attaching narratives.

**Different Paths, Unique Journeys**

Partha reminds us of the unique nature of each individual's journey towards enlightenment, noting that the TT technique is often self-selective and attracts those seeking deep transformation. Gareth and Eva reflect their experiences and acknowledge the importance of collective support in navigating one's spiritual growth.

**Transformation Beyond Self**

Gareth draws parallels between the TT technique and the broader teachings of spiritual masters like Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, where the goal is not just personal enlightenment, but a transformation that enlightens the world. Partha concurs, highlighting that one must find reasons greater than oneself to stay committed to the transformative process.

**The Practice of Surrender and Support**

In the dialogue, Partha highlights the necessity of aspiring for support and grace in one's spiritual practice. He points out that reaching out for help is a powerful and necessary step on the path of surrender.


As the episode closes, we are reminded of the power of this technique to harmonize elemental forces within and contribute to a larger universal balance. With over 250 individuals taught and around 30 to 40 practicing regularly, the TT technique represents a rare but deeply rewarding opportunity for true spiritual seekers.

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