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Living in the Power of Now: A Deep Dive into Presence and Fulfillment

Hello everyone, My name is Gareth Duignam from the "Endless Possibilities" podcast, and today I want to share with you some insights from a recent episode "Endless Possibilities Podcast Episode 20" where my cohost Eva, and I explored the concept of living in the power of the now. We delved into the teachings of Eckhart Tolle, the impact of our thoughts on our well-being, and the transformative power of being present.

The Power of Presence

In our discussion, Eva and I emphasized that living in the now is not just about existing in the present, but truly experiencing and embracing it. We explained that in the present moment, the past and future collapse, and one can no longer bring the past into the future or vice versa. However, we acknowledged that it can be challenging to live in the present moment when there are many thoughts and energies, such as stress, in one's mind.

I shared my personal experience of discovering Eckhart Tolle's teachings on the power of now and how it transformed my life. Tolle's teaching involves finding gaps in between thoughts and staying in those moments of presence for as long as possible. However, I admitted that it can be challenging in the beginning, as the mind tends to wander.

The Impact of Thoughts on Well-being

Eva and I also discussed the impact of our thoughts on our mental and physical well-being. We agreed that as we grow older, we tend to reminisce about our younger days, while younger people are always seeking the next thrill or adventure. However, we highlighted that the thoughts we generate in our minds can lead to anxiety and depression. Our minds often try to be in control, constantly playing out different scenarios and focusing on negative outcomes. This negative thinking pattern is deeply ingrained in us from a young age, as we are trained to always consider the worst-case scenarios.

We gave an example of how Eva's mind created anxiety and panic when I jokingly mentioned the possibility of her having a seizure on a plane. This incident demonstrates how our thoughts can have a profound impact on our physical reactions.

Personal Experiences with Living in the Present Moment

I shared my personal experience with living in the present moment. I explained how I used to have paranormal experiences and was skilled in meditation, but struggled to stay present outside of my meditation practice. It wasn't until I discovered Eckhart Tolle's book, "The Power of Now," that I began to understand the importance of living in the present moment.

I added that being in the flow of the present moment allows for greater productivity and focus. I mentioned that anyone can experience this state and that it is not limited to self-realization or enlightenment. I compared it to walking a tightrope, where one must balance between the past and the future and stay in the present moment.

Ways to Bring Oneself into the Present Moment

We discussed different ways to bring oneself into the present moment. We mentioned activities like art, handicrafts, and working with animals as ways to experience the joy and aliveness of existence. Eva shared her experience of riding racing bikes in Spain, where she feels completely present and focused on the bike, the road, and the moment, leaving no room for thoughts or worries. We also discussed how activities like running, cycling, and kayaking can bring people into the power of the present moment.

I talked about my love for CrossFit, which brings me into my body and helps me escape from the constant mind activity. We both agreed that bringing awareness into the body and feeling the sensations can help in staying present. We suggested practicing this during meditation and then gradually incorporating it into everyday activities.

The Practice of Satsang and Self-Inquiry

We discussed the practice of satsang, where listening to someone who speaks from their direct experience of the self can help slow down the mind and bring one into the present moment. We acknowledged that while satsang is helpful, it's not something that can be done all day long. I suggested finding tools that can be used throughout the day, such as looking for gaps in thoughts or listening to audiobooks by spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle.

Eva shared her experience of reading Eckhart Tolle's book, "The Power of Now," and how she didn't fully understand it until she had already started her spiritual journey. We emphasized the simplicity of Eckhart's teachings and how it can be overlooked by some, but sticking with it and practicing can lead to a transformation in one's reality.

The Benefits of Focusing on the Breath and Slowing Down

We discussed the benefits of focusing on the breath and slowing down in order to be present in the moment. We mentioned that anyone can practice this, regardless of whether they are enlightened or not. Yoga is highlighted as a good practice for bringing attention to the breath and finding relaxation. We emphasized the importance of slowing down and being present in everyday activities, such as walking or driving, in order to appreciate the beauty around us.

The Challenges of Staying Present

We discussed the challenges of staying present and not getting caught up in reactive emotions. We emphasized that it's okay to have reactions and emotions, but the key is to let go of the story and not dwell on it for too long. We used the analogy of ducks having a fight and then quickly shaking it off and moving on. We explained that as we progress on our spiritual path, our reactions may still arise, but they pass through us more quickly.

We concluded the episode by expressing our gratitude to the listeners and viewers and encouraged them to like, subscribe, and leave comments. We thanked each other for the conversation and looked forward to the next episode.

Living in the power of now is a journey, and it's one that can lead to a deeper sense of fulfillment and enlightenment. I hope that our discussion has provided you with some insights and tools to help you on your own journey.

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